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Why Provision Property

Put your condominium syndicate in the trusted hands of experienced property managers who can offer specific, a la carte services according to your needs, or fully comprehensive management solutions so everything is taken care of. In addition, our on-staff notary ensures you stay compliant with the requirements surrounding co-ownership.

Who Is Provision Property Management?

We are an established, forward-thinking property management firm serving the Greater Montreal and surrounding area, with over 4800 co-owners relying on our guidance and leadership. When your condominium syndicate partners with us, you swing open a door to our full range of offerings, including:

Management with extensive accounting and notary backgrounds.

Experienced day-to-day maintenance and help with condo board governance.

Transparency for your co-owners through a private intranet website they can access for information at any time.

Access to our experience and network to negotiate rates and contracts that will save your syndicate time and money.

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Marc Morin

CPA, Co-Founder, and President

A Chartered Professional Accountant since 2011, Marc has over a decade of technical knowledge surrounding various construction management projects. He also has comprehensive understanding of new legislation in force when it comes to co-ownership. When he’s not running the numbers, Marc likes to devote his analytic brain cells to outmaneuvering opponents on the chess board.