Employment opportunities

Bookkeeper – Administrative Assistant


Are you good with numbers and details? Do you already know how much your grocery bill is going to be, even before cashier finishes ringing it up? Then you would probably be perfect for this job. Daily tasks include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Process all condo fee payments and sales made by cheques to the appropriate syndicates twice monthly usually on the 1st and 15th of the month, or by request
  • Answer accounting questions, either via email or phone of co-owners who have questions regarding their statement of accounts
  • Enter all PAD information in each co-owner’s account
  • Update co-owners’ information following a sale or a change of tenant and advise managers to change intercom system information
  • Make corrections to late fees or condo fees when required in co-owners’ accounts
  • Print and package AGM packages when required for distribution
  • Answer all incoming calls and either direct to the appropriate person or answer the questions if capable
  • Verify all emails on info@ email address and reply and distribute to required building managers to respond or reply if possible
  • Contact suppliers to make changes to accounts and or verify account information when required
  • Enter all invoices received by mail or email in appropriate syndicates in Upperbee
  • Send memos or emails concerning issues at buildings when required
  • Verify receivables and contact owners for payments when required
  • Schedule moves in Upper Bee and Google calendar and charge the syndicate the moving fees if required
  • Schedule technicians (Bell & Vidéotron or Other) and advise the building managers accordingly
  • Greet co-owners at the office for questions or condo fee payments


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