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As per the requirements of section 3.1 of An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information, SQ 2021, c 25, the person in charge of the protection of personal information for Gestion Immobilière Provision is Marc Morin. He can be reached at 514-339-7000 and

Why Provision

Put your condominium syndicate in the trusted hands of experienced property managers who can offer specific, a la carte services according to your needs, or fully comprehensive management solutions so everything is taken care of. In addition, our on-staff notary ensures you stay compliant with the requirements surrounding co-ownership.
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Who Is Provision

We are an established, forward-thinking property management firm serving the Greater Montreal and surrounding area, with over 2900 co-owners relying on our guidance and leadership. When your condominium syndicate partners with us, you swing open a door to our full range of offerings, including:

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Management with extensive accounting and notary backgrounds.

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Experienced day-to-day maintenance and help with condo board governance.

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Transparency for your co-owners through a private intranet website they can access for information at any time.

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Access to our experience and network to negotiate rates and contracts that will save your syndicate time and money.

Marc Morin

Co-Founder, President and
Senior Manager

Mtre Angie Pelonis

LL.B., D.D.N, Notary
Co-Founder, Vice President and
Senior Manager


These are the
values that
guide us daily.


These are the
values that
guide us daily.


These are the
values that
guide us daily.


These are the values that guide us daily.
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Who’s Taking Care
Of You?

Our Team



Property Manager, Technical

Peter Zervogiannis


Geneviève Piché,


Catherine Ghetti



What Can We
Do For You?

Regardless of your requirements,
Provision can provide a package
that serves your needs.
There are a couple different doors you can open when you engage with Provision. Maybe your syndicate just needs some financial and accounting expertise. Or perhaps your condo needs more help with the daily administration aspects of running the building. Many of our clients come to us for a one-stop, full-service offering that lets them know they are in good hands on all aspects.
  • Access to premium software tailored for Quebec condominium needs and user support for all co-owners
  • Implement the annual budget approved by the Administrative Council
  • Prepare the Financial Statements as of the end of the current fiscal year and the last bank reconciliation
  • Breakdown of expenditure following the co-ownership shares established by the condominium declaration and in accordance with Article 1064 of the Civil Code of Québec, and send annual notices of assessment to each co-owner
  • Prepare cheques to pay suppliers
  • Deposit all condo fees received into a separate bank account opened in the syndicate’s name, at a chartered bank or Caisse Desjardins that is legally authorized to conduct banking operations
  • Invest the money administered in accordance with the rules of presumed sound investments (contingency funds)
  • Send reminders to co-owners, as needed, in order to collect past-due condo fees and other unpaid charges
  • Regular communication with the Board of Directors regarding the syndicate’s financial health
  • Access to premium software tailored for Quebec condominium needs and user support for all co-owners
  • Prepare, convene and participate in 6-8 Board of Directors meetings per year, and prepare the minutes in French and English
  • Prepare, convene and participate in the Annual General Assembly of Co-Owners, in the 60 days following the end of the Syndicate’s financial exercise, and prepare the minutes in French and English
  • Maintain the registers required by law, as well as other registers such as those for contingency funds, building by-laws, co-owners’ list and building services
  • Propose amendments aimed at ensuring that the building regulations reflect the Syndicate’s vision
  • Enforce the condominium regulations, and send out written notices as required
  • Negotiate and renew the insurance contract of the building, for a replacement value determined by the Administrative Council and in accordance with the law
  • Negotiate and sign, in the name of the Syndicate, contracts for customary supplies, monthly or periodic charges relating to the common expenditures: gas, electricity, elevator, snow removal, landscaping, etc. We solicit at least 3 bids and present them to the Board of Directors who then choose the contract that is right for the syndicate
  • Negotiate and sign, in the name of the Syndicate, contracts for routine cleaning and maintenance of the building that are part of routine management, with companies that have appropriate professional insurance in place.. We solicit at least 3 bids and present them to the Board of Directors, who then choose the contract that is right for the syndicate
  • Hire and coordinate the work of professionals needed for the maintenance of the building, in accordance with the wishes of the Board of Directors
  • Inspect the building and the common areas 4-8 times per month depending on the syndicate’s needs
  • Regular communication with the Board of Directors
  • Implement procedures to facilitate management of the premises. For instance, manage the issue of key cards and keys to the co-owners, program the garage door openers, etc.
  • Complete the annual declaration for the Quebec Business Registry (REQ), identifying the Syndicate’s administrators
  • Receive requests from co-owners and, in consultation with the Board of Directors, , prioritize them in order to first devote the available resources to the more urgent issues
  • Mediation for conflictual situations
  • If requested by the Board of Directors, presence on the premises during building inspections, maintenance work in the common areas (inspection of carbon monoxide detectors, inspection of elevators, etc.)
  • New home warranty guidance, negotiation, settlements, communications with external legal counsel.
  • See points 1 and 2
  • 24-hour / 7-day service
  • Handling of insurance claims (additional costs apply)
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Gestion Provision Logo
Gestion Provision Property Management

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Can You Help Us
Help Our Clients?

At Provision, we are always on the lookout for great talent that can help us serve our clients’ extensive needs. Take a look at our employment opportunities and contact us if you feel you would be a great addition to our team. Even if you don’t see a specific posting that encompasses your skill set, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Maybe we can figure something out.
Bookkeeper – Administrative Assistant
Property Manager, 3+ years related experience Montreal/ Gestion Immobiliere
Gestion Provision Property Management

What’s Going On?

The world of co-ownership is evolving all the time. Here are some recent developements
or issues we think you might like to know more about.

Articles coming soon!

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Gestion Provision Logo
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Marc Morin Gestion Provision Property Management

Marc Morin, CPA

Co-Founder, President and Senior Manager

A Chartered Professional Accountant since 2011, Marc has over a decade of technical knowledge surrounding various construction management projects. He also has comprehensive understanding of new legislation in force when it comes to co-ownership. When he’s not running the numbers, Marc likes to devote his analytic brain cells to outmaneuvering opponents on the chess board.


Mtre. Angie Pelonis Gestion Provision Propert

Mtre Angie Pelonis, LL.B.,
D.D.N, Notary

Co-Founder, Vice President and Senior Manager
As a notary with 13 years of expertise handling complex real estate transactions and financial planning services for clients, Angie can help your syndicate navigate the often tricky world of condominium laws and restrictions. Besides her proficiency with all the notary stuff, clients appreciate her accessibility, calm and easy-going manner and her ability to explain complicated transactions in a clear, concise manner.


Melanie Guilbeault Gestion Provision Property management

Melanie Guilbault

Senior Manager
With over 15 years in administration, Melanie can help ensure smooth-running day-to-day operations at your condominium. Her proficiency in a broad scope of areas means she can skilfully negotiate contracts with suppliers/contractors, collect accounts, manage claims, hold meetings and assist with legal and financial matters when necessary. If you think Melanie is buttoned-down and organized at work, you should see her closet at home.


Daniel Brown Gestion Provision Property Management

Daniel Brown

Property Manager, Technical
Dan has a lot of specialized training that we won’t get into unless you’re interested. Oh, you are? Okay, he’s got a Bachelors in Administrative Sciences. He’s a fire prevention technician and a Health and Safety Environment Senior Specialist (HSESS). Translation: You’re in great hands with Dan. He likes to work hard, but he also likes to play hard. Aside from travelling, Dan is an avid golfer and knows how to rock a pair of bowling shoes.


Noel Morin

Junior Management Montreal
Noel, our jack-of-all-trades, loves to fix things. He once owned a large grocery store in Montreal before semi-retiring, but still tries to keep himself busy. He loves to jet ski and hang out with his 4 grandsons. Outside of that, he spends his evenings fighting crime (which is why we can’t show you a photo). Anonymity is key, although it would be hard to recognize him under that rubber mask.


Arlene Kern Gestion Provision Property Management

Arlene Kern

Administrative Assistant to Marc Morin and Angie Pelonis
Arlene has tons of experience dealing with the ins and outs of the condominium world. She can answer almost any question co-owners or colleagues might have, and if she doesn’t know the answer right away, she will keep digging until the situation is resolved. Outside of work, Arlene likes to ask her own questions in various quickly-learned languages as she indulges her passion for travel.


Emma Ruscito Gestion Provision Property Management

Emma Ruscito

Emma is in the midst of completing her Honours Program in the field of Behavioural Neuroscience. If you get the feeling she is watching you, studying your every move, well that’s because she is. When she’s not figuring people out just for kicks, Emma is also an avid reader, gym rat and piano player.